Save Time via Straight-Through Transaction Processing for Online to Offline Industry

Do you run an e-commerce platform with multiple parties from different companies linked up for transactions? Do you face problems with the invoice reconciliation for the fulfilment of their orders?

A company which runs an online marketplace where their suppliers can showcase their products to serve industries related to Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, shared with us their headaches. Although this online marketplace platform enables buyers and sellers to come together, this company faced tremendous challenges as business continued to expand. Manual processing for transactions completed between the suppliers and buyers made it tedious and error-prone. The company needed to find a solution to fix their online-to-offline workflow. There was a need to facilitate the procurement process by allowing suppliers to connect directly to the system and use it to update their products, pricing, quantity and availability. Added to the complication for the need of distributors’ overriding approval for the order in the customers’ shopping carts, system automation has to be the answer to create a seamless connection between the market players in the value chain.

How doxa has helped our Client in Online to Offline Industry

With automation at the procurement process, buyers are now able to make purchases directly from the suppliers directly, completing the transaction from ordering to payment at a breeze. This saves time and unnecessary laborious processing and reconciliation work.

doxa serves as the flexible solution to cater to the client’s need for workflow automation in a rapid and easy manner. Thereafter, buyers can submit POs and suppliers can issue invoices with No Hassle!

Overview of doxa Solution for Online to Offline Industry

the doxa solution for Online to Offline

Looking to Simplify Your Transaction Workflow as well?

Challenges like invoice reconciliation, manual processing and rework on data-entry errors make managing the business supply chain painful. We can help make it easy. Speak to doxa today.

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The brilliance in the doxa platform lies in it’s basic principles – simple, secure, sophistication. Challenges that companies often succumb to are a thing of the past.


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