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Doxa’s Core

Doxa Connex now offers a unique procurement ecosystem where buyers and suppliers can digitally connect. As more companies from more industries get onboarded to Doxa, more benefits and enhancements are enjoyed by existing customers because of the platform effect.

Identifying the gaps in the business processes

Every companies’ value chain is supported by a robust range of standard business functions like Procurement, Sales, and Accounts. The synergy between these functions can directly affect the bottom line of the company. As companies expand, sales volume increases, barriers restricting these synergies surface, creating bottlenecks that decrease productivity and efficiency. With research, these are some of the key challenges that affect the Procure-to-Pay workflow which Doxa is actively making a difference.

Manual Workflow Problem

  • Data Entry Reconciliation: Invoice, PO, GR
  • Transfer and Filing of physical documents

Tracking Problem

  • Real-time status of PO, DO, GR, Invoice, Payments
  • Pending Approvals
  • Physical documents Communications Trail

Different Systems Problem

  • Too many internal systems which don’t communicate
  • Pending Approvals
  • Duplicate data entry effort between systems

Financing Problem

  • 40% of SME trade finance applications rejected
  • Financial Institutions’ concerns on non-payments
  • Lack of Audit Trail Double/ Triple financing risk

USD $11.57 Cost
of Processing 1 Invoice

Inability to collect data
for analysis

Inconsistent Data

Unable to free up
more cashflow

Doxa Core as the Foundation

Powered by Core

Provides foundation and security for complexity and scalability

Augmented by Enhancements

As every industry is different, we took the time to understand our client’s industry common practices and created enhancements that cater to their workflow. Due to a lack of confidence in adopting technology, companies are still using highly manual procurement methods causing an increase in processing costs.

Significant cost

Minimise need to transfer
document in person

Minimise delays due to
miscommunication /missing

Minimise delays in

Enable Supplier/Vendor
to adopt Peppo-standard

Integration with company internal systems Eliminates need to transfer/syncrhonise data

Increase level of financing/
lower cost of financing

Our philosophy of co-creating and co-designing solutions with our clients every step of the way, having an open channel for communication and this ensured our solutions solve pain-points directly, building a relationship based on trust and confidence.

Our Tech

 By automating all your business processes, our technology enables you to make decisions faster – saving time and money in that process. Challenges that often hinder companies are a thing of the past. The brilliance in the doxa platform lies in its core principles – simple, secure, sophistication.

Case Studies

You can check out some of the pioneering cases that we have been working on. And we’re constantly adding on to this list.

The Team

The team assembled at doxa boasts a wealth of experience from an array of industries - from technology to supply chain; market intellegence and research & development.


We have woven together a network of partners that is, now, a part of the doxa fabric. Find out how you can be part of this.

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