In Direct Selling, Time is Money.

The legacy software system which this Client has been using was unable to meet their fast-changing business needs in Direct Selling industry. There was no flexibility in modifying the system features to cater to the Client’s specific workflows for direct-sales business model. With the existing issues at hand, plus the manual operations involved in the value chain, it is difficult for our Client to scale their business effectively.

To help the Client solve their challenges, data must first be gathered. The analysis revealed multiple challenges in the form of costing and tracking, delays and even commission payments. Digitization and automation in the value chain was crucial to address various bottle necks in a holistic manner.

  • Automated End to End Processing from venue booking, event attendance management, purchases, delivery, to warranty and repairs
  • Multiple payment methods (including instalments)
  • Simplification of multi-tier incentives and rewards

How doxa has helped our Client in Direct Selling Industry

doxa Core Solution could be easily re-jigged to meet the Client’s requirements in a fast and flexible manner – enabling automation at every step — from consumers to advisors. Refer to below diagram for doxa solution in the direct selling industry.

Overview of doxa Solution for Direct Selling Industry

the doxa solution for Direct Selling

Not Just Transactional, But Relational

By involving the Client in the co-creation of the solution, there is assurance of the quality of expected outcome and doxa commitment as their strategic enabler. Discover how to simplify your business transactions and processing in Direct Selling Business. Speak to us today. We can help make it easy.

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The brilliance in the doxa platform lies in it’s basic principles – simple, secure, sophistication. Challenges that companies often succumb to are a thing of the past.


We have woven together a network of partners that is, now, a part of the doxa fabric. Find out how you can be part of this.

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