Reconstructing the Construction Industry

Construction industry has seen little or no improvement in productivity over several decades, since the late 1980s. With construction projects becoming more complex, we see several factors that lead to poor productivity on construction projects, such as inadequate planning and scheduling, lack of collaboration and communication between stakeholders on the projects, unproductive time in wait of the delivery of materials and supplies or for prior work to be completed.

Apart from the rising labour shortage and ability to attract talent into the construction industry, fragmentation in the industry with related parties in the value chain working in silos has also been major contributor to the lack of improvement in productivity levels over the years. In our consultation for a major player in the construction industry, it was noted that the procurement and budget monitoring processes for construction firm are particularly challenging. There are multiple streams of ongoing projects with multiple phases, multiple stakeholders and increasingly tightening regulatory and compliance requirements that the construction firms are required to meet. Each property development needs to be well managed as a project, with requirements of issuing blanket PO for drawdowns, tracking actual spend against project budget, onsite Goods Receipts, managing Variation Orders and Claims, as well as construction industry specific documentation. Strong business and technical expertise is required to create a platform which can resolve the pain points and challenges faced by the client to create value and deliver efficiency through the value chain.

How doxa has helped our Client in Construction Industry

doxa started by asking the right questions to diagnose the challenges and bottlenecks faced by the client today. In pursuing the reasons why these problems exist, and how they have affected their current construction delivery, we discovered that the highly manual processes and lack of adoption of automation was one of the major causes. High costs were incurred due to errors, time delays, disputes with suppliers and sub-contractors. There was also low visibility in project status and performance without the required data points. doxa Solutioning Process To achieve higher productivity and profitability, doxa embarked on a journey of co-designing and co-creating a purpose-built solution with the client.

Given doxa core system as a strong baseline, we incorporated enhancements to be built onto the platform. Every step of the way in building the solution, we engaged the client constantly in our solutioning, designed specifically for them. doxa core procurement platform provides a solid foundation to allow us develop enhancements in a rapid and flexible manner. Below is the overview of our solution for construction firms.

Overview of the doxa Solution for the Construction Industry

doxa solution for construction

Feedback from Client Project Experience & Outcome

The client experience with doxa has been a delightful one as the doxa team understands their key challenges, their needs, and how we can support them. The journey of co-creating solution has also given our client the assurance on our work quality and service excellence. With doxa Solution in place, the client has benefitted from higher productivity at work processes with the straight through processing for their procurement value chain. Key savings of 300 manhours with the deployment of the doxa solution.

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The brilliance in the doxa platform lies in it’s basic principles – simple, secure, sophistication. Challenges that companies often succumb to are a thing of the past.


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