Maximise Efficiency with Business Automation

SMEs can now eliminate mundane, manual tasks of procurement and invoice processing with Doxa Solution. This frees up the valuable resources of SMEs. Teams can now work smarter, not harder, with AP Automation on Doxa platform. This helps SMEs to cope with increasing demands as the business expands.

Streamline Purchase Requisition (PR) & Purchase Order (PO) Process

Streamline Purchase Requisition (PR) & Purchase Order (PO) Process

With the purchase requisition and purchase order processes streamlined, SMEs can save time and the need for multiple data inputs for raising PRs and submitting POs on the doxa platform. The best part is approval can be given on the go via doxa Mobile App. Invoice reconciliation is also made easy by using our proprietary system-assisted 2-way and 3-way matching capabilities. This minimises errors and time wastage.

Unlock Visibility with Dashboard

Unlock Visibility with Dashboard

Businesses can now gain real-time visibility into key metrics at a glance using doxa Dashboard. With that, no more guesswork would be required. SMEs can now make data-driven business decisions confidently.

The Doxa Solution

doxa Solution leverages on its core enterprise-grade platform as the foundation and security as SMEs scale in size and complexity. More importantly, the beauty of doxa Solution lies in its agility to cater for industry-specific enhancements, to ensure end-to-end business automation can be achieved in a rapid and simple manner. Check out case studies using doxa Solution for different industries.

the doxa solution

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Case Studies

The brilliance in the doxa platform lies in it’s basic principles – simple, secure, sophistication. Challenges that companies often succumb to are a thing of the past.


We have woven together a network of partners that is, now, a part of the doxa fabric. Find out how you can be part of this.

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