Blockchain Smart Contract

When the term “Blockchain” surfaces in conversation, many associate it with Bitcoin (BTC) because Blockchain is the cryptography technology that powers it. BTC is traded through a Permissionless or Public Blockchain, an open environment that is decentralized and is transacted from peer-to-peer using a specific cryptocurrency. Another area of Blockchain that can be explored is the Smart Contract, where the same technology can be used in a Permissioned environment working with decentralized nodes. For example, consider the procurement to payment process. Buyers and suppliers exchange many standard documents such as Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, and Invoices, but how exactly could Blockchain be applied to this process?


Conventionally, procurement starts with a buyer generating a Purchase Order (PO) from their own system which is sent to a supplier’s fax or email. The supplier enters the PO into their system, prepares the goods for delivery, and issues a Delivery Order (DO). Once the goods are delivered, the buyer validates the DO, and the supplier follows up with an invoice. The buyer will cross check the invoice with the PO and DO again. In each step of this transaction, both the buyer and supplier must allocate manpower to manually transfer the documents into their own systems. Buyers do not provide suppliers access to their systems and vice versa, hence the varying formats. Changing a system is time consuming, difficult, and usually a last resort. However, could there be a way to avoid all the duplication and inefficiencies?

Our Platform

The solution is not far fetched. doxa has built an enterprise grade system that can interface with an existing company’s system through an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) layer or through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). With doxa platform, a buyer can initiate a Purchase Request (PR), and the platform will channel it to the relevant department for approval, which starts the Audit Trail. Upon approval, a PO is issued and sent to the supplier, who will use the platform to access, accept, and deliver the PO, with each sequence having its own trigger point. The supplier will issue an Invoice, which is posted to the buyer through the platform’s 3-way matching of Invoice, PO and Goods Received. From the PR to Invoice, the platform will match, reconcile, and lock the data into Blockchain as a Proof of Truth, making it immutable. This is one method of preventing both unintended or intended errors, enhancing security and resolving potential multi-financing.

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Challenges like invoice reconciliation, manual processing and rework on data-entry errors make managing the business supply chain painful. We can help make it easy. Speak to doxa today.

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