Doxa Procure 2 Pay

Collaborative Platform providing Integrated Enterprise Solution on Procurement.

Why Doxa

Supply Chain Process Made Easy

Problems like invoice reconciliation, manual processes and errors make managing the supply chain challenging. With automation, the supply chain process is now made easy.

Business Decisions Made Easy

Without meaningful data, SMEs miss opportunities, incur unnecessary costs and lose productivity. With deep insights derived from data, the decision making is now made easy. 

Financing Made Easy

56% of SMEs trade finance proposals are rejected by financial institutions, many due to the lack of traceability. With visibility of transaction trail and payment patterns, access to financing is now made easy.

Our Solution

A platform where buyers can submit POs, suppliers can issue invoices, and Financial Institutions can assess potential debtors and provide funding. This is made possible through:

Revolutionise the way you manage your supply chain.

Speak to DOXA.  Let us solve your challenges. We make business easy.