A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that connects buyers, suppliers and financial institutions.

Blockchain Smart Contract Business Application

The platform will match, reconcile, and lock the data into Blockchain as a Proof of Truth, making it immutable. This is one method of preventing both unintended or intended errors, enhancing security and resolving potential multi-financing.

8 Reasons PEPPOL is the Future

Singapore is the first PEPPOL Authority outside of Europe. Learn more about what PEPPOL is about and how it can help your company automates its invoicing process and more e-invoicing.


How will microservices benefit businesses in the supply chain procurement process?

Supply Chain Procurement Process: Challenge For SMEs

SMEs have either been struggling to grow their businesses or at least stay afloat. In the face of high cost and scarcity of manpower, administrative works may not be the priority to increasing sales.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry & Documentation

  • All data are captured and recorded in the system, which allows data entry error to be detected early.
  • PEPPOL-standard digital invoice can be generated and used by buyers & suppliers.

Invoice Matching & Financing

  • Handles 2-Way and 3-Way Matching of Invoice, Purchase Order & Goods Receipt.
  • Blockchain technology ensures audit trail to facilitate invoice & supply chain financing.

Real-time Dashboard

  • Process status of Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoice, Payments
  • Latest update and summary on Ageing Reports, Supplier Performance, etc.

Ease of Connection with Suppliers

  • Quick & easy onboarding
  • Unique modelling to allow suppliers to log in to different buyer’s platforms with a single ID.

Launching in October.

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